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Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centre Re-Envisioned 

Due to changes in funding over the past few years, the Sunshine Coast Volunteer Centre’s services have been greatly reduced and as of August 15, 2017, it will no longer exist in its current format or location.

The Resource Centre is working with Sunshine Coast Community Services Society and the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation to explore a re-envisioned “Volunteer Centre” that will meet the unique needs of our community.

In the interim, the Resource Centre will update and post the Non-Profit Organization Directory on our website. (Please check the date stamp within the file to ensure you are looking at an up-to-date version.)

Organizations can send their volunteer opportunities to the Resource Centre to be posted in our email newsletter. Community Services will host regular orientation sessions for anyone looking to learn more about what it means to volunteer.

For more information, you may email Christabelle Kux-Kardos using our contact page or telephone her at 604 885-4088.