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Why Donate to the Community Resource Centre on the Sunshine Coast?

 “Fellow Sunshine Coast residents: We need to step off the mill of busy, and take a closer look at our community and neighbours. Someone needs your help — a favour, a ride and a break” Candace Campo

everyone-welcome-at-community-resource-centreImagine a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging. A community in which they feel connected to their neighbourhood, and where they have a place to go to find a ‘welcoming listening ear’ and the resource(s) they need.

Imagine being a newly separated person who is at risk of losing his/her children, and having a place that connects you to legal support.

Imagine being elderly and on your own, and having a place where a warm welcome will calm you and help you sort through the muddle in your mind and help you access the resources you need.

help-with-forms-community-resource-centreImagine that you have a form to fill in, you’re not sure why, but you know that it’s urgent because “the government” tells you so. Think of how helpful it is to have a place to go to help you sort through the form and accomplish what was challenging to you.

Sometimes it feels like a wild goose chase to find the information and resources that you need to resolve issues – whether big or small – in your life. 

That is where the Community Resource Centre can help.  We help individuals and agencies access the information they need by connecting in person, on the phone, by e-mail or at meetings and community gatherings.

Remember when you wished you had somewhere to call or go to that could point you in the right direction?  When you wished that your wild goose chase would end?  A donation to the Resource Centre will help keep our Information and Referral Specialists in the community and ready to help.  Your donation will make a difference! 

Supporting the Resource Centre through a donation helps build a foundational support that will reduce our dependency on unpredictable grants.

make-a-difference-help-the-resource-centreAlthough we are a registered not-for-profit, we are not a registered charity. You can be proud of the fact that you are supporting a worthy cause and contributing to an agency dedicated to informing, referring, and educating one person at a time.

Please make your cheque payable to: Sunshine Coast Resource Centre Society.

You can hand deliver – stop by, learn more about our services and meet the staff at 107A 5710 Teredo Square in Sechelt or you can mail your contribution to: Box 1443, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0.


We also accept Interac E-Transfer. If you choose this option, please direct your payment to the email address shown below, and then email us the password we will need to enter to receive your donation.


Thank you!