The Hub of Social Services on the Coast

Our Activities

These are the activities that the CSEWS project will be promoting, with the collaboration of our community partners.

  1. Promote Gender Based Assessment as a planning tool and ongoing HR practice.
  2. Promote women in leadership. This includes finding champions—women with business and self-employment experience who can lead and mentor.

  3. Establish means to measure progress of women in business in future, such as ensuring that data on women’s business and self employment is gathered in future.
  4. Encourage women and girls to explore non-traditional career choices and self employment.
  5. Make resources and information about business more accessible to women. This includes creating an inventory of existing services, both public and private sector, and working with partner organizations to develop key hubs for networking, business partnerships and mentoring.
  6. Increase awareness of the contribution of women’s businesses to the community.
  7. Facilitate education and networking on key topics important to women business owners.