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Legal Aid & Information

Navigating legal issues can be stressful and expensive.

As a Community Partner with Legal Aid BC (LSS), we can help you:

  • Apply for legal aid representation (if financially eligible) for:
  • Call the Family Law Line to access ‘next step’ legal advice on family law issues (divorce/separation, child custody, division of assets/debts, protection orders etc.).
  • Find other free legal information and resources on a wide range of topics including:
    • Family Law (divorce, separation process)
    • Child custody and protection
    • Criminal
    • Aboriginal-specific issues (Gladue Reports etc.)
    • Civil and Administrative (small claims, wills and estates, personal planning, human rights, landlord/tenant issues etc.)
    • Immigration
    • Mediation options
    • Legal and court procedures
  • Get access to basic court forms and find court services
  • Provide referrals to local and provincial legal organizations and resources
  • Provide referrals to local lawyers, mediators and notary publics
  • We also offer a separate Community Legal Advocacy Program, which provides full representation on issues such as tenancy, income and disability assistance, employment issues and more.

To make a Legal Aid & Information appointment: call 604-989-4945 or email