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Help Out!

Research studies have shown that there is a strong connection between volunteering and personal happiness. When you volunteer, you not only help others, you enrich your own life.

The Resource Centre is about providing information, referral, education and empowerment. There are a number of interesting and engaging opportunities to support your community by volunteering.


Knowledge Philanthropists

We know that many of you have a specific skill and wish to “give back” to the community using those talents.  This is known as being a “knowledge philanthropist”. Skills that we can use at the Resource Centre include:

  • facilitating
  • accounting
  • information technology
  • strategic planning
  • human resources
  • communications and marketing
  • photography
  • social planning

This kind of contribution may be made over a very short period of time, or occasional spurts of time, or longer term. The Resource Centre has several knowledge philanthropists working with our organization right now and we could not be more excited to have them. 

Thinking about Volunteering?

Our Knowledge Philanthropists contribute extensively to our work and therefore to our broader community. If these opportunities interest you, or if you would like to explore other options, please call us at 604-885-4088 or contact us at info [at]