In 2022, the SCRC launched the Poverty Action Project to implement the recommendations of the 2021 Strategic Framework for Action on Poverty Reduction. These activities, projects and programs are delivered on behalf of the local government through a grant offered by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).


What is Poverty?

You are living in poverty if you make less than $2,100 per month as a single person or $3,333 as a family of four in BC. On the Sunshine Coast, 12.6% of our adult population, and 1 in 5 children live in poverty. 

Poverty is the lack of resources, like money or support, the choices or the power necessary to obtain and maintain a basic living standard. People in poverty face challenges with food, housing, social security, and interaction, as well as limited opportunities for them to fully participate in the community. 

Poverty impacts some people more than others; for example, if you have a disability or health issues, are a single parent, a senior on a fixed income, or experience intergenerational trauma, live with addiction, or live in a remote area with fewer opportunities, you are more likely to experience poverty.

This project is a collective effort on behalf of all local governments, funded through the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and administered through the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre.


Key Areas of Focus

  1. Income opportunities
  2. Technology support “Kindness Corner”
  3. Anti-Stigma “Do a Kindness” campaign
  4. Decision Making through an equity, inclusion and poverty lens
  5. Information, Support and Referral


To read the full report, download it here.

Download our Food Access Guide, Digital Equity Guide or Poverty Lens Toolkit
Poverty Awareness Campaign

Do A Kindness

We strongly believe that addressing poverty starts by recognizing kind gestures and actions that help build community.

Do a Kindness