We provide compassionate listening and offer resources and information that you can access in a variety of ways. Connect with a trained coordinator to get started. Call or text 604-885-4088.
A trained coordinator can help you with:
  • One-on-one support by phone.
  • Information and referral to disease-specific organizations and groups.
  • Support in accessing personal planning.
  • Assistance in better understanding the healthcare system.
  • Connecting you with community resources available to support your valuable role.
Caregivers On the Coast Support Group 
Are you a caregiver? Do you know someone who is? Many caregivers don’t self-identify and miss out on available resources and supports. We can help! Our monthly Caregivers On the Coast Support group meets to learn of local resources and supports and to share caregiver information and tips. Contact us to learn more: caregiversupport@resourcecentre.ca or call or text: 604-885-4088
Our next Caregiver Support Group meeting is June 22. TD Bank representatives Carly Jackson and Tristan Woods will be speaking on how to reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft. Register at caregiversupport@resourcecentre.ca or call 604-885-4088.