Explore Free Legal Resources in BC

Our team is here to support you with accessing free legal information through Legal Aid BC and help you connect with other legal resources. You can access these resources without us, however, many prefer to have a helping hand along the way.

The Resource Centre offers a separate Legal Advocacy Program, which provides full representation on issues such as tenancy, income and disability assistance, employment issues and more.

Get legal advice on family law issues (divorce/separation, child custody, division of assets/debts, protection orders etc.) by connecting with the Family Law Line lawyers, or connect to local family duty counsel lawyers who can provide free legal advice here on the coast.

We can help you apply for legal aid representation if you are faced with:
  • Criminal charges
  • serious family law problems
  • child protection matters
  • mental health and prison issues
  • immigration problems
  • other legal issues made on a case-by-case basis by Legal Aid BC
We can help you navigate legal topics including:
  • Family Law (divorce, separation process)
  • Child custody and protection
  • Criminal Law
  • Aboriginal-specific issues (Gladue Reports etc.)
  • Civil and Administrative (small claims, wills and estates, personal planning, human rights, landlord/tenant issues etc.)
  • Immigration Law
  • Mediation options
  • Legal and court procedures
We can also help you:
  • Get access to basic court forms and find court services
  • Provide referrals to local and provincial legal organizations and resources
  • Provide referrals to local lawyers, mediators and notary publics
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