The Hub of Social Services on the Coast

Our Strategic Goals

sunshine-coast-community-resource-centre-plan_thAt the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre, our purpose is to connect members of the community with the support they need and to enhance their sense of belonging.

In doing so, we help to build robust thriving communities in this beautiful area of British Columbia.

coordination-communication-collaboration_thThe Resource Centre is a hub for information and referral, which embeds a community development model within its strategic plan. As we advocate for the support of individuals, we encourage coordination, communication, and collaboration among community agencies, and all parties interested in local human services.

We monitor trends, gather information to identify gaps, and provide soft services that function as short-term interventions.

The Resource Centre has a working Board. Our Board members collaborate with staff and contractors to ensure that our work is aligned with our purpose. Our three goals are:


Information and Referral (I&R)


  • We help individuals and organizations navigate and connect to the resources and services in our community.
  • We offer support with accessing information and completing forms.
  • We raise awareness of the bc211 service and assist with maintaining and enhancing the information available on 211.
  • We coordinate round tables to bring organizations and service providers together to learn, share and collaborate.
  • We strive to communicate clearly and help others to do so as well in order to make our services more welcoming and accessible.
  • We strive to improve service delivery and best practices for I&R across the Coast.

Volunteer Enhancement

Integral to our work here at the Resource Centre is the effort to build a team of volunteer ‘Community Navigators’ and ‘Knowledge Philanthropists’ who support and enhance the work of building vibrant neighbourhoods.


We pursue grant opportunities that will enhance our work and maintain the viability of the Resource Centre.