As a funder or a sponsor, there are many organizations here on the Sunshine Coast that would benefit from your organization’s support. So why choose us?

The Resource Centre is the only agency on the Sunshine Coast that focuses primarily on gathering, coordinating, and providing information on community, social and government services. We pride ourselves on being THE HUB for information and referral. Having our ‘fingers on the pulse’ of the community, we are well placed to help anyone who connects with us navigate community resources. We know the key players in organizations and what their services offer. 

Our staff and board members pride ourselves in our ability to provide value for your money when you fund us for a project that will impact the sense of belonging and well-being of individuals on the Sunshine Coast. We are noted in the community as the “small organization that works big”. Our work is shared with other communities as a role model for projects with a strong track record of delivering programs and projects on time and on budget.