Back to School Volunteer Youth Opportunities


In September 2022, a group of enthusiastic students of Chatelech Secondary School formed the new Rotary Youth/Interact Club and embarked on a journey to create positive change in the things that mattered to them.


Their many initiatives made waves locally and globally by fundraising for countless causes, from the local SPCA to Margarini Children’s Centre and Organic Farm in Kenya, to name just a few. They also helped at local events that rely on dedicated volunteers to run, including Mission Park Easter Egg Hunt, Chapman Creek Hatchery Release Festival and the Canada Parade in Sechelt. 

Interact members were also able to take part in Rotary Youth Leadership Activities and Programs, including a 3-day RYLA Camp at Camp Elphinstone. Members who participated found it positively “life-changing” in their words! Last May, the President of the Interact Club flew to Ottawa to engage in the “Adventures in Citizenship” Conference. An experience in which he found every aspect truly inspirational and memorable. 

As the new school year begins, the Rotary Youth/Interact Club eagerly awaits new members and alumni to continue making positive impacts. The Interact motto, “You don’t need a reason to help people”, resonates as they’ve proven how acts of kindness can spark remarkable impacts! 


If you or someone you know is interested in joining or supporting the Interact program or other volunteer opportunities on the Coast, please feel free to reach out to


Even if you have limited time to offer, never forget that when it comes to making a positive impact, it’s not always about the size or scale of what you do but rather the intention and consistency behind it.