Raising awareness and championing solutions for digital inclusion on the lower Sunshine Coast


Broadly defined, digital exclusion is where a section of the population has on-going unequal access and capacity to use Information. A lack of appropriately available and accessible knowledge, suitable technology, and/or large-scale infrastructure can impact this landscape. Digital inequity and exclusion have major impacts on the socio-economic, health and well-being of our people within our communities and region. 


As part of the 2023 Poverty Reduction Project, the Digital Inclusion Pilot Project is looking to learn about the digital inclusion work happening on the lower Sunshine Coast and the experiences of digitally excluded and low-income people. Our objective is to support and facilitate continued digital inclusion efforts in our community and raise community awareness about the impacts of digital exclusion and digital in-equity.


We are bringing together a volunteer Digital Working Group that will involve people who are digitally excluded and low-income and people from groups and organizations providing services in the digital inclusion space. The group will be a great resource for sharing and accessing digital literacy skills and support to access the internet and even devices. 


The working group plans to meet monthly for 90 minutes from February until June 2023.


If you live on the lower Sunshine Coast and are interested in participating in the Digital Working Group or finding out more about this exciting project, please contact one of our Digital Inclusion Coordinators:


Vicky Duffield:  vicky@resourcecentre.ca   and Saumya Bhasin:  saumya@resourcecentre.ca


Together, we can help create projects and solutions that enhance digital inclusion and participation on the Sunshine Coast.