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Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Poverty Reduction Strategy Project

The Resource Centre’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Project findings are in, and the final report, A Strategic Framework for Action on Poverty Reduction, is now available. Whether you are an individual or an organization, we encourage all Sunshine Coast residents to download, read and share it widely. 

Our report highlights short-term actions to help reduce poverty on the coast, long-term strategies that are needed, and key policy changes. It includes recommendations for local organizations to put into action.

Download the full report or just the Executive Summary and the Poverty  Reduction Lens (Appendix B of the report) on their own.

The Sunshine Coast Poverty Reduction Strategy was a community scan and engagement project led by the Resource Centre in 2020-2021 and headed by Betty Baxter and Pat Feindel. Through information-gathering techniques, like interviews and community engagement sessions, its goal was to develop an overall strategy and action plan for poverty reduction on the Sunshine Coast.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the Project Background and Imagine Forums pages.