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Project Background

The Poverty Reduction Strategy Project

The District of Sechelt obtained  funding from the Union of BC Municipalities to conduct a Poverty Reduction Strategy Project for the Lower Sunshine Coast. Led by the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre, the project will assess needs and recommend an overall strategy and action plan for poverty reduction on the Lower Sunshine Coast.  Two local consultants have been engaged to develop this strategy from October 2020 to June 2021 with the Resource Centre’s support.  Using a community engagement approach the consultants will identify:

  • short-term actions that can help reduce poverty
  • long-term strategies and policy changes
  • recommendations for local organizations.

An advisory committee composed of diverse community stakeholders will help shape Coast policy and practical action recommendations.  The committee is composed of 9 people from the Sunshine Coast representing service organizations and individuals living in poverty. 

Advisory Committee Meeting

Advisory Committee discussion

The first Advisory Committee meeting was held November 2, 2020.

The project will be informed by:

  • work that has already been done, such as the recent Housing study led by the Town of Gibsons and the Childcare study led by the SCRD
  • federal, provincial and BC community poverty reduction projects
  • interviews with people on the Coast with lived experience of poverty, and discussions with service providers and community leaders.  

The project will include local governments in the process and will share outcomes with the community

Committee meeting with consultants November 2, 2020

The project has two phases:

Phase IOct 2020 to Jan 2021

Developing a clear picture of poverty on the coast

Phase IIJan 2021 – June 2021

Identifying what can be done to reduce poverty here

If you have questions about the project or would like to share your experience or thoughts with the consultants, please register for one of our Imagine Forums (March 29, April 13, April 26th).  You can also reach out to them at the numbers provided below.

***The Resource Centre endorses the “Sunshine Coast Call to Action” on housing alongside many local organizations alarmed by the current housing crisis on the coast. UPDATED MARCH 25, 2021. ***

Project Consultants

Betty Baxter and Pat Feindel listening to Committee input

Betty Baxter, MA and Pat Feindel, PhD

604-885-8312 / 604-312-2715

The consultants draw on life-long commitments to social justice and community development approaches to social change. Find out more about Pat Feindel and Betty Baxter.

Thank You

The Sunshine Coast Resource Centre is very grateful for the leadership and critical funding support provided by the District of Sechelt to enable this project for the Coast.


District of Sechelt

SC Resource Centre