The release of the Sunshine Coast Poverty Reduction Strategy and Framework in 2021 provided an in-depth overview of challenges facing low-income residents on the Coast and a summary of recommendations and next steps. 


The Sunshine Coast Poverty Reduction Project builds on the recommendations in the Poverty Reduction Strategy, turning some recommendations into actionable projects that can be launched within the funded project timeframe and set the foundation for building capacity and more efficient and effective collaborative work in the years ahead

The Poverty Reduction Project is working in five areas. Within these five areas, our efforts focus on specific, evidence-informed poverty reduction activities similar to other regional, provincial, and national initiatives and efforts. 


The five areas are as follows:


  • Financial empowerment, literacy and assistance with income supports
  • Digital Equity and Inclusion
  • Communications
  • Collaborative working for social change and thriving communities
  • Enhanced coordination of  information, Support and Referral Services


This project is a collective effort on behalf of all local governments, funded through the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and administered through the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre. 

Over the month of January, the messages and objectives of our project and our individual plans have been received officially as government delegations and have been met with widespread support.


For more information contact:


Chris Hergesheimer (BA, MA, PhD)
Project Manager
Poverty Reduction Action Project