Volunteer Sunshine Coast Coordinator 
Job Details
  • JOB TITLE: Volunteer Sunshine Coast Coordinator
  • TERMS: Part-time, permanent, 10 hours per week
  • WAGE $25 per hour
  • LOCATION: Sechelt, BC (Flexible work-from-home or in-the-office, but must live on the Lower Sunshine Coast)
  • CLOSING DATE: End-of-day May 31, 2023
Job Summary: The role of the Volunteer Sunshine Coast Coordinator is to promote and increase volunteerism on the Lower Sunshine Coast, and to support the capacity of nonprofits and community groups in their efforts to recruit volunteers. As a spokesperson and advocate for volunteerism, your mission is to build a culture of volunteerism; a community fueled by people giving back, getting involved, looking after one another and making a positive difference on the Lower Sunshine Coast. 
Job Responsibilities: The Volunteer Sunshine Coast Coordinator is responsible for developing a work plan to implement the following long-term program strategies for recruiting volunteers to support the missions of nonprofits. The underlying goal of the role is to support organizations, including nonprofits and associations on the Sunshine Coast in their volunteer acquisition, retention and engagement efforts. 
  • Support organizations, including nonprofits and associations, in their volunteer recruitment efforts for programs and events
  • Create and execute targeted recruitment strategies to attract volunteers across different age groups
  • Share inspiring stories of individuals volunteering on the Sunshine Coast and promote upcoming volunteer opportunities to engage the community
  • Collaborate with the Resource Centre team and designer to establish and maintain an online directory of Sunshine Coast organizations regularly seeking volunteers at, with external volunteer postings uploaded to another website, such as
  • Partner with social service groups like the Rotary Clubs to support their planning of the annual Rotary Volunteer Fair or other volunteerism-focused activities
  • Possess a deep knowledge of volunteer opportunities on the Sunshine Coast and provide information and referral services to individuals interested in volunteering, effectively matching their skills and interests with appropriate volunteer roles
  • Nominate outstanding volunteers for recognition and develop initiatives to celebrate and acknowledge their contributions, particularly during National Volunteer Week
  • Promote the benefits of volunteerism and raise awareness of its positive impact on individuals and the community
  • Coordinate volunteer training opportunities for organizations on the Coast to enhance their volunteer management practices
  • Collect and report data on volunteerism, implementing baseline and progressive evaluation metrics to measure the effectiveness of the program
  • Maintain a Volunteer Sunshine Coast website landing page, and submit monthly program news for the Resource Centre newsletter and Facebook page
  • Act as the central spokesperson and primary contact for volunteerism on the Sunshine Coast
  • Identify and apply for funding opportunities to strategically grow the program or undertake special projects
  • Take responsibility for the orientation, scheduling, and communication with Resource Centre Community Information Hub volunteers, fostering a positive culture and maintaining a connection to frontline volunteer management
  • Develop an understanding of health and safety considerations, policies and liabilities to ensure the establishment of safe volunteer programs
  • Establish connections with volunteer-focused non-profit organizations, such as Volunteer Victoria, Volunteer BC or Volunteer Canada to develop programs tailored to the Sunshine Coast and identify professional learning opportunities to stay informed about volunteer program trends
  • Exceptional leadership, motivational and public speaking abilities
  • Skill in guiding, motivating and inspiring individuals to actively participate in volunteering
  • Preferred experience in volunteer coordination, communications or community engagement, although not mandatory
  • Consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism when interacting with colleagues, volunteers and community partners
  • Demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for the mission of Volunteer Sunshine Coast and a strong commitment to cultivating a volunteer-oriented culture in the community
  • Wholeheartedly embraces the Resource Centre’s vision and mission, and values of “CARE” or collaboration, advocacy, respect, equity and inclusion
  • Proficient in effective work planning and adept at prioritizing projects within limited weekly time constraints
Application Instructions: Please apply by end-of-day on May 31, 2023 by sending your cover letter and resume in PDF format to Katie Clogg, Executive Director to with the subject line, “Volunteer Sunshine Coast Coordinator”. In your cover letter, please mention why you are a great fit for this specific position and what your approach to the program might entail.
About the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre: The Sunshine Coast Resource Centre is a navigation and advocacy hub which supports clients to have fair access to government, legal, health and social services resources to improve their health and well-being. Our guiding values include inclusion, collaboration, respect and advocacy. The Resource Centre has also led many community development projects, including the Sunshine Coast Poverty Reduction Strategy. To learn more visit 

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