I need my BC vaccine card and am feeling a bit lost. Who can guide me?

Hi! We can help, and there are others who can too.

The Sechelt Service BC office (5498 Wharf Avenue) is one place to get help since they are an official BC Government office. Their phone number is 604-885-5187. They are open Monday – Friday 9am-430pm.


At our Resource Centre office, we can help you navigate the process in person or over the phone. This can be done using your own smartphone, or we can help you access the vaccine card on our computers here in the office, while you give us the required information to punch in.

We have been printing out a paper copy of the vaccine card for people who would like it, and we can also help you save a photo of the card to your phone or computer, or email it to you. A person can access/reprint their vaccine passport as many times as they would like.

To register for the BC Vaccine Card, you will need to know a) Your Date of Birth; b) Your personal health number; c) The date you got your 1st or 2nd dose of the vaccine.

**If you cannot remember vaccine dates, or your personal health number, the BC government’s COVID-19 vaccine line can help at:  1-833-838-2323 7 days/week, 7am-7pm. We can make that call together if you would prefer some support. You can also call them if you feel your vaccine record is incorrect.

As you may have heard, effective this past Monday, September 13th, people aged 12+ are being asked to show proof of partial vaccination to get into certain events and businesses in BC. The BC government is allowing people to use an immunization record (the one you received when you got your shot(s),) until September 26th, but beginning Monday, September 27th the vaccine card will be required. You don’t need to have both vaccine doses to get your vaccine card. To make an appointment with us, or for questions, please call 604-885-4088.

 Angie Theilmann is an information and referral specialist at the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre, your community information hub. The Resource Centre is open Mon-Thurs 10am-330pm. Appointments recommended, drop-ins welcome. Do you have a question? Just Ask Angie! Email: angie@resourcecentre.ca