The Coast Rogue Arts Society (CRAS) was formed in 2016 to foster social inclusion and diversity, promote multi-disciplinary interactive art and environmental sustainability. It also aims to support community economic development activities through music-forward and multi-arts events on the Sunshine Coast. CRAS is best know for producing Rogue Fest – a 3 day outdoor, multidisciplinary arts festival where you can immerse yourself in non-stop, genre-crossing music, art, and more. CRAS has a simple mandate: to increase individual and community well-being on the Sunshine Coast through the arts.



  • Outreach
  • Production Crew
  • Security
  • Parking
  • Hospitality
  • Zero Waste
  • Box Office
  • First Aid/Safe Spaces
  • Libation Station
  • Youth Opportunities: Possible opportunities coordinating/running stations (eg. Youth Art Gallery/Creation Station) at events. Those interested should contact CRAS directly.


Volunteering with us is a great way to experience festivals and events on the Coast. You’ll not only meet amazing humans who care deeply about the arts and their community but you’ll also learn new skills or gain confidence in things you want to try. You’ll get to share your expertise and contribute to the ongoing success of CRAS events and festivals. You’ll have fun, we promise! AND at Rogue Fest….. Day pass for any day you volunteer or a Weekend pass for volunteering 12 + hours! Not to mention the annual epic volunteer wrap party (‘nuf said).