We are a volunteer group of residents that actively engages on significant issues related to Halfmoon Bay land development and its impact on the community and environment, and advocates for land use in alignment with the Official Community Plan. We aim to be a community focal point and to liaise with experts, governments and community groups on issues of interest, and to advocate for effective practices, policies and laws.

The Forum is open to all residents who want to engage on land use impacts in Halfmoon Bay. Currently we are addressing development at Telus Wilderness Point, and large developments at Bayview Hills and above Truman Road (see the full list of issues at https://halfmoon-bay.ca/cdf-ourwork/).



  • Attending and engaging in monthly meetings
  • Review SCRD penalties related to land use infractions against the provincial maximum limits
  • Following developments on current issues with the SCRD and provincial ministries, and keeping the Forum informed
  • Volunteering to lead on new issues as they arise


Some benefits of volunteering with us includes becoming informed of and getting involved in land use issues that may impact on the way that our Halfmoon Bay community develops. Supporting research-based advocacy with the SCRD, provincial ministries and elected officials on positions that we adopt. Getting to know other engaged residents in your community.