Dial-A-Dog provides fully vetted handlers and friendly, tested dogs to visit people for social interaction, accompany them on walks, go for rides, and assist with errands, shopping, or appointments. We’re also happy to deliver meals, library books, and play a game of cards, all while enjoying the companionship of our lovely animals. Additionally, we offer computer assistance and can help with light chores at home, such as recycling and collecting mail.



  • Volunteer and visit with their own dog providing they pass our testing and onboarding requirements.
  • If one does not have a dog, they can help with evaluations and attend public events.
  • Social Media Coordinator
    Always looking for someone who might like to help with social media and apps for us.
  • Help with local fairs, night markets and planning parades in the future.


By volunteering with Dial-A-Dog, you provide invaluable support to those in need by brightening their day with our wonderful dogs. Sharing your dog with the community uplifts vulnerable populations through social canine visits, transportation, or meal delivery. Interestingly, some individuals simply seek social interaction or assistance with getting out, so not everyone needs to have a dog to participate. The biggest benefit is the circle of love you create with your dog. The client, handler, and dog all share smiles and feel good, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment. These visits often become the highlight of someone’s week.