Restorative Justice Program Sunshine Coast (RJPSC) is a non-profit, community-sponsored and volunteer-based organization. It is founded on the restorative justice principles of accountability, respect, relationship to and with one’s community, and healing the effects of harm to the community. We work in accordance with RCMP referrals and other social service agencies to address community harm. The RJPSC also hold training events throughout the year.


Types of Possible Volunteer Opportunities Available:

  • Board Member
  • Special Project or Committee Member
  • RJ Process Team, ie: Elder, Facilitator, Circlekeeper, Mentor, Supervior, Support Person
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations
  • Administration work
  • IT/Marketing Support (website/social media)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Youth Engagement


Youth Opportunities available through Youth Engagement Teams and school-based Restorative Justice Processes


Volunteers contribute to fostering belonging, engagement and addressing harm circumstances that occur in the community. This can include many settings and contexts. Volunteers can build skills that assist in dealing with conflict, crime and harm. The result of Restorative Justice processes includes making a positive impact in the community, and in collective awareness of the impacts of harm.