The Sunshine Coast Foundation’s mission is to connect the Sunshine Coast community with the causes that inspire them. Community Foundations help to fill the gaps in funding for local charities. We provide sustainable and perpetual funding to those organizations that help to make the Sunshine Coast such an exceptional place to live, work, and play.

Here’s how it works: we gratefully receive donations from generous individuals, families, and local organizations. We pool those gifts and carefully invest them in sustainably managed investments. Each year, the Foundation distributes the earnings on those investments in the form of financial support to local charities and other qualified recipients.



  • Board Director
  • Committee Volunteer including Grants Committee, Vital Signs Committee, Fund Development Committee, Investment and Oversight Committee, Policy Committee
  • Grant-writing and Administrative Volunteers (assist with meetings and minutes)
  • Fundraising and event volunteers – to assist with planning and executing events and associated fundraising.
  • Story-Tellers who can assist with writing featured donor, ‘featured funds’ and grant impact stories. Video story-tellers would also be a welcome addition to our volunteer team.



  • Annual Grants Ceremony
  • Vital Signs Breakfast and Vital Conversations
  • Golf Tournament (2024)


Volunteers with our Foundation often report a feeling of deep connection to the Sunshine Coast community. Our work supports a wide variety of causes and charities on the Coast from the the Arts, Education, Poverty Reduction, Health and Wellness, Food Security, Environmental and Climate, Housing, Youth, Seniors, and more. It is challenging but rewarding work. We are a tight-knit team who share the same vision – a vibrant and healthy community where everyone belongs.