By Hayley Toth


Meet Kit, one of the Resource Centre’s dedicated volunteers who plays a crucial role in keeping the Centre running smoothly.

Originally from Montreal, Kit moved to England with her family, where her father was stationed while in the army. It was there she began her nursing degree and then met and fell in love with Ray. The couple married and settled in Reading, where they lived for 40 years while Ray worked at Reading University.


After four decades in England, Kit reminded Ray of his promise to return to Canada. They moved to the Sunshine Coast, coinciding with Kit’s desire to be closer to her aging parents, who lived on the mainland. Kit spent her professional career in occupational health and safety for large companies, but retirement opened a new chapter for her.


Kit’s decision to start volunteering after retiring from her busy career was inspired by her belief in the value of seniors’ contributions. She found herself with abundant time and saw volunteering as a perfect opportunity to make new friends, utilize her skills, and bring structure to her week. Kit passionately believes that as people age, they are often underestimated, but volunteering allows her to keep her mind active and be useful. She emphasizes that you gain as much from volunteering as you give, helping to combat senior isolation and mental decline.

Kit’s personable nature and her lifelong dedication to helping and giving back are truly inspiring. As a perpetual learner, she is always eager to put her skills to use and stay updated. Her story is a testament to the enriching experience of volunteering and the significant, positive impact it can have on both the volunteer and the community.